maandag 20 augustus 2012

Animal update

So I'm finaly finished sorting trough all of my pictures. I'll try to have a weekly update.

For now. This is my animal update. Pictures of the different animals I've seen in Corfu. okay. These are not all the animals I've seen. But only the ones I took a picture of. (Don't wanna bother you with dead mosquito pictures ;) )

according to this is called a cricket in English. We Dutchies call them krekel.

Beautiful butterfly. About 7 cm wide!

Dead wasp. I must say I liked the bubbly eyes. Never knew a wasp 'stings' when he's dying

another butterfly

 Grasshopper ( I think)
 Huge grasshopper (you don't want to find this one sitting on your shoulder!)
 Scary grasshopper. (see the look on his eyes Ö )

This spider made a strange web. Had to take a picture of it. The spider itself reminds me of the Darth Vader. Look closely. You'll know what I mean.

That's it for now. Hope these animals didn't scare you of ;)


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