zaterdag 22 september 2012

Kaisers Throne, Corfu

Here are pictures that I took at the Kaisers Throne on Corfu. One of my top 5 sunsets I've ever seen!


maandag 17 september 2012


Yup, there are more pictures from Corfu. Looking back at them, I'd wish I was still there. Most definitely when I look out of the window, and I see the rain dropping down, the wind blowing. Knowing that it is getting colder. Hoping for another warm and sunny day!

The Falcon, the biggest sailship in the world.

Yup, I still have more photo's to come. So visit again soon!

woensdag 12 september 2012


Yes, it has been an creative week. So, here are 4 more wallpapers for you to enjoy!

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars


maandag 10 september 2012

Beach Kijkduin

Last weekend I went to Kijkduin Beach with my bf. To enjoy this beautiful sunset! Ofcourse I had my Nikon with me. So this is the result!

(This is actually how high mountains get here. Not much more than a pile of sand)

Splashing of the waves

zondag 9 september 2012

Ride for the Roses

Today the bikers of the Ride for the Roses went by my house. About 6000 riders!
Visit their website at

dinsdag 4 september 2012

Cake and Cupcakes!

Here's another yummy update!

These ones I've made with my cousins Marije and Julia.

These I've made for no reason at all. Just wanted to bake and decorate ;)

This one was for my cousin Melanie's 14th birthday.
That's it for now ;)