zaterdag 10 maart 2012



Last weekend I went to Limburg (southern of the Netherlands) with my boyfriend. And I was amazed of the beautifull scenery. Every morning I woke up, look out of the window and thought: "No way that is still is Holland!"
But what would be your reaction if you are just to living in flat lands, and then waking up with this:

We went to a Ruin of an old Castle in Valkenburg. You can see all the bullet holes! Some bullets were still in there!

This was in a Cave in Maastricht.

I also made an other photoshop wallpaper. This time it's (again) of the Vampire Diaries. It is of Caroline(Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan). The text is from a song of Alesana.

And last but not least. A birthdaycake I made. It are two firetrucks. I did my best ;)

that's it for now!
Tomorrow I'll make an other cake, and I will also post a picture of that one, of course!