vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Cupcakes & Apenheul

So, here is a new post from me! The first part is about the cupcakes I made this week, the second part are two pictures I made in Apenheul. ( a Dutch zoo, with mostly apes).

So, let me start with 'the most delicious cupcake ever' -as my mom said-
It's made of vanilla cupcakes, with white chocolate, and white chocolate topping.

This ones are made with apple and cinamon, a combination that's always a succes!

These are somehow different. You may think its just a chocolate cupcake with cream on top...
But it's not. It is a chocolate cupcake with coconut flavour, and the topping is also cream with coconut.

Now it's time for the pictures of the Apenheul. I went there with friends of the sims3 forum(dutch).
I didn't want to carry my Nikon all around, and the weatherplans were rain. So i decided to take my compact camera instead, a Samsung.

This particular picture I really like because of the 'movement' of the Maki ape, but his feet are completley frozen!

Here a different Maki ape, just staring at.. something....

Bye for now!