dinsdag 12 juni 2012


I'm so sorry for the lack of updates!!
But here I am, updating! Hope you'll like it.

The first ones are animal cupcakes that I've made for the 4th birthday of my nephew!

This is a picture of Jon Gallant, the bassist of Billy Talent. The show was amazing! You can watch the video I made here: Billy Talent 06-06-'12

And now the wallpapers.

The first ones are of the tvseries Revenge. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp )

and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe)

Also one of Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp). Though she doesn't really love him(just go and watch Revenge, then it will make sense), I couldn't resist making a wallpaper after seeing these pictures. 

This is an old one, I found it well I went trough my back-up cd's. But I still love it, and wanted to share it with you. It is of Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance of the band Avenged Sevenfold (as is the lyric)

Joseph Morgan. Who plays Klaus in the Vampire Diaries. I´m sure we´ll see more of him in Season 4, because I´m always thaught that fire dies when you take away the oxygen. So he must come back!

And one of Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on the Vampire Diaries.

And one of Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), also of the Vampire Diaries. These are shots (and texts) of the heartbreaking Season Finale.... Can't wait 'till the fourth season starts! Team Delena!

That's it for now! I promise that you won't have to wait so long for my next update!


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