vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Cupcakes & Apenheul

So, here is a new post from me! The first part is about the cupcakes I made this week, the second part are two pictures I made in Apenheul. ( a Dutch zoo, with mostly apes).

So, let me start with 'the most delicious cupcake ever' -as my mom said-
It's made of vanilla cupcakes, with white chocolate, and white chocolate topping.

This ones are made with apple and cinamon, a combination that's always a succes!

These are somehow different. You may think its just a chocolate cupcake with cream on top...
But it's not. It is a chocolate cupcake with coconut flavour, and the topping is also cream with coconut.

Now it's time for the pictures of the Apenheul. I went there with friends of the sims3 forum(dutch).
I didn't want to carry my Nikon all around, and the weatherplans were rain. So i decided to take my compact camera instead, a Samsung.

This particular picture I really like because of the 'movement' of the Maki ape, but his feet are completley frozen!

Here a different Maki ape, just staring at.. something....

Bye for now!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. nadine!
    ja het laat mij alleen anoniem reageren niet als blogger

  2. hoi :) maar het is wel lastig hoor, ik zal eens naar een andere blog gaan, en kijken of ik me ook door zelf bochten moet wringen.
    En je kan al deze reakties deleten
    En je foto's zijn prachtig!

  3. Hihi, thnkx! Vind het wel grappig zo ;)
    Heb ik opeens veel reacties!

  4. Heerlijk die cupcakes! Ik zet ze op mijn verlanglijstje. Tilly